It’s getting spookier! It’s getting closer!


It’s time to start planning those Halloween meals, treats, party sides and favors!

Check out these ideas for your future gatherings!

Halloween breakfast ideas for kids

Halloween lunch ideas for kids



You can always add in a simple “spooky” trail mix for school! Remember to avoid those peanuts if thats the case!

Dinner anyone? (changing the simple cup and drawing with some sharpie makes such a difference!)


Remember : Just a few drops of food coloring for this holiday goes a long way!



How about dessert?! Can’t pass that up!


Check out your local donut shop Halloween week! I am sure they will have some themed ones you won’t want to pass up!

Halloween is around the corner! And if you haven’t gotten your children’s costume by now it’s crunch time!

Don’t forget they will need a trick or treat bag as well and if you are like me, you learn something everyday! If you haven’t read (or heard already) the Teal Pumpkin Project is making it’s way this year! It’s essentially raising awareness of food allergies and promoting inclusion of all trick or treaters this year! FARE (food allergy research and education) is getting started with a worldwide movement to create a safer, happier Halloween for all kids. It’s really simple! You place a teal pumpkin on your doorstep to indicate to passersby that you have non-food treats available (such as glow sticks, small toys or bubbles).

teal pumpkin

Fill your teal pumpkin (or bag inside) with these items to make sure all children feel included this year!

Ideas for Non-Food Treats

I nanny for many children, and most of them with food allergies, so I think this is a great idea that I will be fully supporting this year as I believe you should too!

Great your teal pumpkin before it’s too late! Or paint one teal! (could even be a childs project!)

Getting your teal pumpkin

“Come along children.” – Mary Poppins

“Come along children.” – Mary Poppins

rain on poppins

Orange County! We have rain! Most of us are absolutely loving this weather meanwhile half of us is ripping our hair out because the pumpkin patch plans today were completely ruined! (AKA me!)

Well change the attitude because fear no more! I have activities for you and your children ALL indoor! These will get the wiggles out, if not definitely keep them entertained for you to still relax and enjoy your cup of coffee and the cuddle weather!

This weekend I found myself working an overnight with a family I absolutely adore (in my defense I completely love all my families with all my heart!) but overnights may seem a bit harder..(for those of you who haven’t done them before) you have to plan activities for EVERY moment of the day and trust me, the rain this morning completely changed the game plan for us.

I had an afternoon plan out and about! The plan was to go to the pumpkin patch of course (Pumpkin City ) spend some ridiculous amount of money for the kids to jump in the bounce house for 5 mins, and get those cheesy sibling pictures around all the pumpkins. Then come home for a homemade lunch, (pasta with red sauce, meatballs and sliced apples), take a solid nap, and after nap decorate a Trader Joes Haunted House. Later on, play outside in the driveway, have dinner (soup, grilled cheese with fruit) and then top off the night with a warm bath and stories.


That all changed.

All day I was singing to myself, “rain, rain, go away, come again another day I am not doing an overnight..”

So today went like this, our pumpkin patch plans were completly a no go, it was pouring so we decided to change it up and the boy decided on We Play Loud (an indoor childrens play faciity off El Toro Road) and I knew it was going to be busy. I mean, its a Saturday, the pumpkin patch a few street lights away and it was closed for the day. Little did I know the line was out the door to get into the facility. (Its not usually like that I promise, overall a great place to take kiddos!) I was so worried that the place would be a mad house and boy was I right! You may be asking yourself, why not just turn around and go somewhere else? But let me remind you it was pouring raining, I just packed two small children in a car and when the little boy saw the building there was no turning back. He wanted to go in, and I wasn’t going to be the one that stopped him.

We got in after waiting a few minutes, no problem there but BOY OH BOY! It honestly seemed that every parent and child in Orange County was there today. They had over 3 parties going on and that place was probably just as busy at Disneyland! Everywhere I looked children were running around loose, like the chocolate milk hit them all at once, being knocked out by other children or screaming because they couldn’t find their parents. That place was insane and I regretted all of it the second the children tried to go on the slide normally and other children were diving head first like they were in a pool.

I only lasted 50 mins. Exactly. I tried by hardest to make it to an hour but I thought I did well with 50 mins.

Once we left the riot playground, we headed to my favorite place for lunch! Chick Fil A! Once again that restaurant was right down the street. We went through the drive through got lunch, and headed home. I noticed the kids in the back were seconds away from falling asleep so I gave them a few pieces of fries to eat on the way home and that did it! They stayed awake the whole ride home! Which was a huge success for me personally! (For most parents – if your child falls asleep in the car, even for a second, nap is off the table completely! And this wasn’t going to happen under my watch!) We came home, finished the rest of our lunch and they crashed right away. It was glorious as I needed that quiet time, I had a massive headache from the playground earlier it was nice to just relax.

In the mist of nap time, I managed to get the activities going. (That way as soon as they wake up its go time!) The cupcakes were made and cooling off on the counter for them to decorate later and the Trader Joes Haunted House was frosted (so it would harden by the time they woke up to decorate it). It was all ready for them! The toppings were all in the cupcake liners and it was all neatly organizws. (The OCD always gets the best of me)

That hour went by quick, because as soon as they woke up they were on to the next phase! “When can we decorate!?” Well, the answer is now! I got this, while you napped I set up everything and even prepared your dinner so all I need to do is warm it up later! Ha! A good pat on my back forsure.

It didn’t take long for their interest in decorating to fade, but here is the aftermath of the haunted house!

IMG_7826 (1)


Art is subjective right?!

Once we finished decorating all the goodies, we played in the living room (played board games and put on some dress up costumes) and garage and next thing you know they are asking, “Whens dinner?” Grinning, I start warming up the food in the microwave. Boom! Done. There you go. Amazed, they ate it all and then we cleaned up the toys around the house and started to settle down.

SING on Netflix did the trick!

We watched a movie, made popcorn and relaxed. Once the movie was over I started bath and stories. And before you know it they are out like a light.

It’s important to take time for yourself when doing an overnight. Especially as a nanny (because you aren’t use to this; unless your doing it every weekend), parents on the other hand props to you because for some of you this is your full time job and complete bow to you! Remember to take time, even for a second, breathe and remain calm. Once the kids are napping or asleep for the night, try reading that book you promised yourself you’ll get to, or set that candle you bought months ago and totally forgot about.

Enjoy you..only because you enjoyed kids all day long.

Its your turn!

Rain or shine!


Here are just some ideas for you to try out when you know a rainy day is coming your way next time!

Rainy Day Activities

(I did the baking today with the kids along with decorating cupcakes,played board games and playing dress up!)

More activities that I love to do with kids :

1. Let them play with washable paint in the bathtub (in a diaper or swimsuit) with some paint brushes and let them be! It’s washable so don’t worry about the mess!

bath paint

2. Have them “learn” to make their own dinner or contribute in making it for later, (rolling meatballs, washing veggies or even slicing food if they are old enough)

3. Make slime!

4. Make moon sand!

How to make homemade moon sand

5. Whip out the shaving cream!

Shaving cream fun

6. Make some air dry clay!

Air dry clay recipe

Whatever you choose, just have fun with it!

Let kids be kids and put them in some rain boots and give them an umbrella, let them splash around in some puddles and call it a day if you want!

I promise I won’t keep disappearing! With my new work schedule (Adjusting to another family and attending another baby shower my week was all hectic!)

Over the past few days I have had many people reach out to me and ask me straight up, “how many families do you nanny for throughout the week?” and if you really want to know its five. May seem like alot in just 7 days but I believe after this past week, the schedule will be perfect for me. (I bet your thinking..why not just have one family throughout the week full time, and thats another story in itself.)

However, with attending the past baby shower, I got to thinking…When I am in that position will I have a plan? Will I have the support needed when the child arrives, and how will I go about my nanny career? These thoughts run through my mind when someone asks me “when will you start a family?”, and honestly I draw a blank. There is something that honestly terrifies me about having my own child, and its not the fact of having one, or raising one, to me will be the most joyful part of the experience but the labor and deciding on childcare is something I will have a really tough time with deciding.

But in the sense of helping you, (As I was asked for my thoughts and advice for new parents) I will give it to you straight. Be ready, because there will be no sugar coating it for this entry.

Of course, all choices are different but this one however is simple!

Plan it out!


The best advice I can give to a new mommy is plan a good amount out before your little one arrives because when they do, you either won’t have the time to think about the future decisions to be made, or you will want to spend every second you can with your little one and make every excuse in the book not to plan something out (but who can blame you with that cute face from the ultrasound picture!)

From a professional stand point, I thoroughly believe that you need to first decide on childcare. As much as you think you have time to think this one out, trust me when I say children grow in a blink of an eye. (Hopefully you already have given it some thought and discussed this with your partner) – Whether it be one of you staying home for a certain time, having ones parents come and visit for a few weeks, having a live in or live out nanny, or even day care at a young age. I’ve seen it all throughout the years and there is no right or wrong answer. You shouldn’t have to stress much about it and if you do just breathe! Your little one will know that you are doing EVERYTHING in the world to be the best parent or guardian you can be. TRUST ME.

There is no wrong answer to childcare and there is absolutely no judging here on this blog as I support every parent out there. After all, we are all just trying to survive correct?

If you have decided to stay home with your little one, my best suggestion for a new mommy is make time for yourself. This doesn’t mean, take a vacation from your 8 week maternity leave, however make the time to rest. The first weeks to well, 18 years are going to be endless and exhausting at times but give some time to yourself. Don’t feel like you need to absolutely do that load of laundry that day and time, or feel like you need to cook that meal from scratch that day, but take some time for you! Make yourself that cup of tea you like while you breast feed, or get that comfortable pillow you saw at home goods to make laying with your child easier, do something for you. In the end, happy parents make happy children. Give your child the best version of you, endlessly.

If you decided on having your parents help out around the house, or in laws, friends, family members, more props for you! Before you start pulling out your hair after the fifth week, remember, its a blessing to have family around. Take my advice and find time to relax just for you. Little things such as facial masks count!!

Having a nanny? Take a step back and think. Are you going to be searching for a part time or full time nanny? A day time or night time nanny? Maybe part time while your home and transition into full time? Oh doesn’t stop there. Can we afford a nanny? (Think about it – an average newborn nanny will make between 18-25 an hour in Orange County – and depending on the age after will adjust from experience and etc.) Will day care be a cheaper option? (Do you want day care as an option). Personally, without any filter here, I would suggest a nanny. Not just because I fully support nannies out there but if you really think about what your getting from a nanny I can prove my point. (I have nothing against day cares, again no judgement here, this is just my opinion.) Having a nanny, whether it be part time or full time is someone in your home that will help raise and guide your child with you. Your nanny will ultimately (as I believe) be cross trained for a housekeeper as well. Think about this for a second. *Coming home after a nine, ten hour day to a well rested happy baby, a clean house, and a happy environment where you know your baby will be safe and protected and that moment when you open the fridge to find that dinner is already made for you – waiting for you*
That moment right there is why I get paid what I get paid.
That moment of ease and stress from everyday thoughts and pressure has disappeared and now you have all night to yourself and your little one.

But getting a nanny, yes, personally can add up but when you get that one on one attention for your child and all the perks that come with it, is it really that different from day care? I mean realistically this is the hopes that you have a babysitter for practically life too. I’ve been a full time nanny and adjusted to be a babysitter for so many families I can’t even count. And to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to see these children grow, and its amazing to know that little Lena (whose name shall be anonymous) was only 4 months old when I started helping her family, to be a grown 3 year old who sells lemonade every Saturday morning in her neighborhood.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love day care. In fact, I worked at one for newborns for less than a year until I transitioned into my preschool position. However, after taking care of an infant full time, its something I personally would look into if I were you. But where do you start? How do you even begin your search? When and where should you start looking? These will be all answered once you start your personal plan.

You may even find yourself making a checklist to make things easier, limit an age group of nannies you want to interview, perhaps they will need to be required to speak another language or have reliable transportation to take your child out and about some days.

Once your checklist is complete, try your options of neighbors who might know nannies in the area,, urban sitter, or contact me personally with your criteria. Before you meet your candidates make sure they fit within your standards. The last thing you will want to do is settle with who you think should be around your child. And truely realize that you will be seeking long term (as I assume you will not be wanting to do this process over again in six months). When meeting the nanny candidates ask the right questions, below is a link I have attached to get the ball rolling.

Nanny Interview Questions

Newborn Nanny Interview Questions

When you believe you have found your nanny make sure (as I personally would go out of my way to pay for this) that they are recently CPR certified for newborns and have taken an up to date course on caring for an infant. Your new nanny will need the patience of an angel and it’s something that is a gift to have, so make sure they know that this position will require a lot of patience as newborns aren’t put on a schedule right away, everything will require a lot of work, patience and attention.

CPR Training For An Infant

Other Suggested Training Courses

*I have had many of families over the years notify me that there are active cameras around the home to ensure the safety of the child, so don’t feel that it’s out of the ordinary. In fact its something that I personally would do if I was a parent.*

Pros & Cons Of Having A Newborn Nanny

Perhaps day care is your answer! Working an 8-5 job and looking for an easy drop off and pick up? This is your calling! There’s something about starting school early for a child that puts a parent as ease, and I don’t blame you! You are already building relationships at school with staff and trust for the future and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I mean, hell, it could even be more expensive than having a nanny for all I know, and your getting more benefits for you and your child? Then to me it’s a personal win. If you do decide on this route and choice for a day care, you must realize that most schools and daycare’s will require certain vaccines to be up to date with your child that you might not want to expose to them to so early and it’s something to consider. (Perhaps discuss the school policy on vaccines before making this decision.) But also realize that the school may bring more bacteria and germs to your little one if not careful. With this thought, I personally advise you to visit the facility a few times and examine the toys and room that your child might be in 8-9 hours of the day and make the executive decision, is it safe enough for your child?

Pros & Cons To Newborn Daycare

There is a lot to think about when it comes to your little one arriving and trust me it doesn’t stop there! But hopefully this points you in some direction.

Remember there is no right or wrong choice!


“It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” – Mary Poppins

“It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” – Mary Poppins

I’m back! Nevertheless, I spent most of my week on the couch and will completely admit to watching Extreme Couponing back to back to Say Yes to the Dress.


Ever take a moment and sit down to watch that show? (I mean quite frankly who has time for tv when you have children anyway?) But the Extreme Couponing show really gets to me. When you sit and think about it, how in the world can someone pay only 18 dollars and get an insane amount of food, tolietries, and supplies for months on end using coupons?

When I started shopping at my local Ralph’s store, I felt as if I was being filmed on that show (literally). You could catch me smiling ear to ear as I walked out with a full cart saving so much money and yes, sometimes using coupons is “embarrassing” and yet time consuming but when shopping for my family I have it down to a T and I am ready to show you my tips and tricks for shopping bi weekly! (Yes! You read that correctly, bi weekly!) No more rushing to the store every 2-3 days, and no need to ask your significant other to stop at the store on their way home for that one ingredient you swore not to forget.

Be ready because it’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to say the least!

First thing is first! Make your list. When starting to shop bi weekly, this could take a couple tries first. You will need to be organized and precise because its a talent go to to the store 2-3 times a month!

Before going to the store (days beforehand) I will find myself making a list of recipes I would like to make or try for those two to three weeks and utilize the products I am buying. For example, if the chicken breast is on sale that week perhaps I will make chicken parmesan and chicken curry, that way no product is gone to waste because I have used the chicken to split it into two recipes. One thing that makes me cringe is throwing away a whole bunch of food from my fridge that has gone bad. It’s a complete waste so I find tricks to make sure that if I buy it, I use it.

I currently find most of my recipes through cookbooks at home, Pinterest, Keto cookbooks, and Keto connect but you can find them just about anywhere!

So that’s that. Make a list! I usually write down the whole recipe too (sometimes adding measurements to the list to be more exact on which bulk to buy) and go from there. For example :


Then I would go ahead and mark the number of products I need for the recipes for the week. Such as spinach, I will need two bags (One for one recipe and one for another.) That way when I go to the store, I don’t buy too much or too little.
I will repeat this for all my recipes. Referring to my personal shopping list above.

IMG_7311 (1).jpg

Next I will find the weekly ad. Ralph’s starts their ad on Wednesday so I will usually take a look the day it comes out and try my best to go before the weekend so I can prep my food and make some recipes before my busy weekends.

*Side Note* Along with food prep, I freeze some meals to save time and money later. If I overcook something or know my family won’t finish it I will save the meal, put it in a plastic freezer safe container, label it, freeze it and defrost weeks later.
With this said I then defrost my meal in the fridge overnight and in the morning transfer the meal in the glass container and warm up in instant pot for an hour. It’s tastes fresh, hot, and get mess! Its super simple but something to get use to!

So now I have my recipe list, my store list, and my weekly ad, I will then accumulate all my coupons and get everything in order. Perhaps even place a star near a product on my list reminding myself I have a coupon for that item. Most of my coupons, believe it or not, I actually get from Ralph’s itself. (You will need Ralph’s Rewards for this – it’s free to sign up!) It’s fantastic. After months of shopping there, they took note of what I was buying with my Ralph’s card and sent me coupons for the products I already buy on a monthly basis! How wonderful is that! I get a small book in the mail that looks like the image below and use it to rack up more coupons, rewards and more! That alone will save me between 19-25 dollars a month just buying what I normally would’ve. Sometimes they even put in a [10-15 dollar off coupon with a purchase of 100 dollars or more, which is easy when you shop monthly!


I also will check the mail daily and look for the coupons between the stores weekly ads and cut away from there. Keeping everything organized and placing coupons in an envelope and sticking them all on the fridge door. Next, I will go through the Ralph’s app and save even more! Searching the coupons on their database will load them onto my Ralph’s card so when I scan my bar code it will automatically save! Think of a smart tool – comparing it to cartwheel at Target but not having the cashier having to scan it because its done automatically!


Lastly, I will look up any printable coupons online that are free. If you have a printer this is a score as well! Save at home by printing 4-5 coupons on a page and cutting them all for later. Check out this site to explore yourself!

Free Printable Coupons

Next, go shopping! Make sure you have your list, bags, coupons and anything else you might need and attack! I recommend you go alone to focus on your purchase but I know that’s impossible sometimes with the kiddos! But try your best to stay organized and stick to your list as best possible! You will be amazed at how much you saved!


*Another side note perk is that Ralphs gives you a discount at the Shell gas station! When shopping at that store using your alternate ID barcode you can rack up points to earn up to 10-20 cents off per gallon! Just scan your barcode at the Shell before pumping gas and save away! Sometimes on weekends they will even double your earnings for rewards! Always refer to the store ad!* (I mean who doesn’t want to save gas money!


When you put food away, try to organize them into products that need to be consumed earlier in the weeks or months. For example, certain produce items like bananas and spinach are more perishable and need to be eaten earlier in the month while items like apples, oranges, and celery can wait. Try to keep these perishable items in the front of the fridge as a reminder to use them quickly.
More experienced shoppers plan their meals so that perishable items are used in recipes earlier in the month, saving sturdier goods for meals later in the month.

Just by doing these steps you can save on average 200-300 dollars a month! It’s something worth trying! We may not be extreme couponers but we have to start somewhere!