Family over everything.

Family over everything.

Title says it all.

Family over everything.

I recently have been trying to adapt to one of my families getting a divorce. It all happened so fast and to be honest, I didn’t see this one coming. This family has it all, big home, smart boys, great jobs, and a love connection like no other. They were my date night family to start that turned into part time throughout the week. I was completely taken back but that goes to show you, you can’t really see what’s behind closed doors. Even when you work in the home.
The boys told me actually, (oddly enough) on the way home from school. They asked me, “Which house are we going to today?” I was so confused. I thought they were messing with me the whole way home but surely enough once we got home, half their house was packed up and ready to go.
Over the weekend, the parents not only told the boys they were separating but one parent already bought a home and moved in that same weekend.
This was awkward.
I mean, the parents didn’t notify me. I didn’t know what to tell the boys when they had asked me details about the move and the transition and I wasn’t about to text the parents regarding this. Now that would be even more awkward like, “Hey are your guys splitting up because the boys told me you were.”
So no.
I kept my mouth shut for two weeks. Then they told me over text and notified me of all the new changes and rules in the old/new home. I played it off like I didn’t know (Kids have a sense, and they know what’s up. They confine in me and things I wish I didn’t hear them say, I do. Like Dad makes Mom cry a lot.) To be honest, I wanted to share this all with you because as caregivers it’s something you need to respect. Respect and support the family is ANY decision they make whether that be to split the household or little things like no technology till four years of age. At the end of the day you are working for them. May seem like family, and some are basically family to me but you need to separate work and feelings.
Instead, ask questions. Know your limits, support the family and always back up their decision. Those are their children, they know what they are doing. We are all human and can make choices on our own so let them do them.

I realize that todays post was little more straight forward than others but it’s something I really wanted to take time and share. It’s a gentle reminder to always make the children feel safe and loved throughout the day. That’s our job as babysitters, nannies, caregivers and parents. We should all stick together on this.

Easier said than done, but let’s give it a try.

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