September? Or is this a joke?

September? Or is this a joke?

I thought I had all summer to write.
All summer to catch up with you all on things to do and activities for your little ones but reality caught up with me in fact as now I am sure it has with you.
Some children have already started the school year, while a majority of your kids start tomorrow.

Can I get a hallelujah?!

Kids going back to school is bittersweet I think for most parents, the fact of the matter is we love them to death but that routine schedule that school gives us allows us to keep sane. Parents no longer need to find a summer program for them, push down a summer reading list that is unnecessary, or insist on play dates they know won’t follow through on.

It is not something we need to be asdmend in. We can go ahead and admit to ourselves and everyone else that summer was rough!

And tomorrow we finally settle in back to routine of packing lunches the night before, carpooling the kids to school, picking up in the traffic hour and preparing our dinner for the family in the spare time we have to breathe.

I just wanted to extend a helping hand for whatever its worth on how to prepare for tomorrow because the mornings can be just as serious as the hurricane right now. Things will hit the fan, your children will not want to get up and be rushed out the door and in theory you won’t either but here’s a few tips and tricks for you in order to survive the day.


1. Prepare the kids lunches and water beforehand! I always think its better for parents to eat breakfast with their children before the day starts, or at least have time to get ready themselves while the children eat. Its important to be one step ahead in the morning so you don’t rush and forget things. (Picture day, share day or a sports game that night) those ideally I would put on the calendar so once again, the night before I can prepare for the next day. Throw in the lunch and water in the fridge overnight and tomorrow all you need to do is toss it in the lunch bag/box. Leave the backpack and your personal items near the door so nothing gets lost and you can head out the door in order.

2. Get some sleep! Easier said than done. Have your kids go to sleep at least 20 minutes earlier than usual tonight to get in routine of going to bed earlier (at least resting earlier) and waking up earlier. This will help you a lot as the crankiness will lower just a tad and moving in the morning won’t be too brutal!

3. I personally believe its good to give your children an option for breakfast (whether that be oatmeal, cereal or eggs) but don’t let it take up ten minutes of your morning because they couldn’t decide. Offer 1-2 meals and stick to it. Too much offering will lead to too much thinking and deciding, and children will most definitely take advantage of that morning time in a daze.

4. Have your children get a task done themselves in the morning (this goes without saying that age can conflict on this one) but have them try dressing themselves with clothes you laid out for them, or put their socks and shoes on before heading out the door and whoever helps out the most can get rewarded that night (dessert or choosing of a movie). Make the morning exciting and a game! Theres days were it will be harder than others of course, but when kids are having fun it usually will make things go smoother.

5. Always! I mean always explain to your child who will be picking them up from school. (Once again it goes without saying) but if there is a schedule change and a parent has a conference or etc. then the child knows to expect this change. Pick up might be easy for you, but when a child expects dad to pick him up and sees a sitter all hell can break loose if you didn’t explain anything.

Just a few ideas to throw out there before you start tomorrow! Should you have any more ideas please contact me so I can share with other moms!

May the force be with you tomorrow as we head into the school year!

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