What’s in there anyway?

What’s in there anyway?

I thought today I would take time to share with you, what is in my day to day bag. Caregiving and parenting is all about being prepared and of course there are times when you are flat out out of luck, (like forgetting to restock the diaper bag with diapers) but that instinct kicks into place like no ones business.

So here it goes, this is how I personally survive on a day to day with the kiddos.

Kate Spade Backpack

1) My Kate Spade backpack
This is my personal go to because Kate Spade bags are my favorite! You can use any type of backpack however, just make sure it has little pockets in it to help you out with storage. (Perhaps a stroller ring too to help you out!)

Lysol Wipes

2. Lysol Wipes
I always try and disinfect anything before the children touch it. I am only human and without a doubt can’t disinfect it all but if we are in a bathroom, or at Target, I try my best to wipe it down before making contact.

3. Diapers/Wipes/Changing Pad
Goes without saying. Must have. The second I end up leaving the house its my luck that the child will poop.

4. Snacks (At least two)
No one wants a hangry child you definitely need 1-2 snacks that won’t go bad over time in the bag. (Example : Goldfish, Crackers, Fruit Snacks) Don’t forget to put yours in there too!

5. A small water bottle
Again, a must need! With snacks come thirst. I always personally have water accessible to a child at all times. No one wants a thirsty kid. Don’t forget you need one too for yourself!

Boogie Wipes

6. Boogie Wipes
One thing that truly my pet peeve. Boogers. I can’t! I can deal with poop, might sound crazy but I just can’t stand wiping someone else boogers. These definitely come in handy for me! I also bring along 1-2 ziplock baggies (Doesn’t need to be large) and I use it as a “on the go trash bag” Just seal that boogie wipe in there, or the granola wrapper and be on your way to the next activity.

7. (If infant, or toddler) A small toy (1-2) Car rides can be tricky for children, whether or not you are going to a park out of your community or an appointment with the child, they will need to be entertained. Always bring along their favorite lovey or toy to play with. This saves lives!

Kleenex Germ Removal Wipes

8. Hand Sanitzer Wipes
(Different than the Lysol wipes!) These of course can be used for the disinfecting aspect of things but these are primarily for the childrens hands. Did the chocolate chip granola bar basically explode onto them in the car? Or did the yogurt get all over their hands and napkins flat out make it worse? I simply use the wipes to wipe down their hands to keep them clean and sticky free.

Sunscreen (To Go)

9. Sunscreen
Again, goes without saying. Children can burn easily, (I can personally as well). Bring sunscreen, even if it’s just a small one, it comes in handy.

10. Small Towel (If it doesn’t fit – Leave in the car)
May sound strange but again, this has always come in handy for me as well. I use a small towel mainly for the park days. This is a lifesaver when the child wants to go on the swing when it’s wet, or wants to go down a hot slide. Towel comes in handy for wiping off the water or using it for the child to sit on when the slide is too hot. (Wont burn their skin coming down!)

11. Extra Clothes and Swim Clothes/Shoes (Again, if it doesn’t fit – Leave in the car)
I find this important to have because if the child has an accident, or completely spills something onto his or her shirt they would be able to change immediately. I also find swim clothes is important to keep on hand as well because personally I would never want to say “no”. If there is an opportunity for the child to get wet at a mall fountain, or day to day activity and I didn’t come prepared for this I would let the guilt pile up. If there is something your child can do, that he or she wants to do and your reasoning is, “no I didn’t bring a change of clothes for you,” is my worse nightmare. Let kids be kids. Let them get wet and enjoy themselves. Alittle water never hurt anyone. (Of course there are exceptions to every rule)

As for you?! This is what I recommend

1. A notebook (planner) for whatever reason I always find the need for this. Whether it be writing down something random that the family needs from the store and I forgot to mention to the parents earlier, or to jot down ideas and tasks needed to be done for the week.

2. Pens (Goes without saying) you’ll need this to write with.

3. Back up Phone Charger (Last thing you need is your phone dying when you are out with someone else child) I personally take a lot of photos and videos of the children when we are out and about for the parents, and my phone battery quicks pretty quickly so a back up charger is really helpful to have.

4. Sunglasses (With living in Orange County it’s a must)

5. Wallet (Last thing you need is driving around or paying for the childrens activities without a wallet) Goodluck with that!

6. Chapstick (I use this product everyday, especially when I am searching in my bag, the sunscreen ones are super convient!)

There you have it! That’s how I survive outside the house!

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