I am more alive than ever!

I am more alive than ever!

WOW! Did I take a good nap or what?! Just kidding!

I mean its been so long I had to restart my password. If that isn’t a wake up call I don’t know what is.

Truly have been on a mission to find myself lately and while I don’t think I am quite there yet, I do believe I am on the right path this time go around!

A lot of life changes since I have been on, my sister got married, I gave notice to one of my dearest families, I started a new career path and got back into my fitness routines!
Honestly, all positive changes and I can’t wait to see where I go next!

Lets go ahead and start. My sister got married! As many of you don’t know my sister is in the Air Force stationed in Alaska. She had her ceremony however in Missouri, and while that was an adventure in its own, I was just blessed to be able to travel there to be apart of that whole weekend. My husband, dad and extended family came out to this celebration and it was so memorable. I mean, there’s just something about weddings that make you at awe. I almost feel as if you attend weddings to have fun of course, and drink and party but once you personally get married and then after attend a wedding, you are truly in awe with the couple and really appreciate the deeper meaning behind every little detail and thought. Once it was all over, I ask my husband if we can get married again because it just gets to me. I would love to do it all over again and again. We already started talking about a ten year anniversary and I can’t wait!

Then, after coming back from vacation I really was in a good mind set. I spent time with my wonderful family, I was all rested mentally and emotionally and I was ready to give my notice to one of my families. Now keep in mind, giving your notice to anyone is difficult but from a nanny perspective, but giving a notice to a family is very difficult. I personally saw this coming for a while and the absolute only reason why I stayed and pushed through those last months was because of the children. Now just alittle background, before I get too into it, was I took this job under the wrong pretenses. I fully admit to taking this job for the money aspect and nothing else. I worked for this family for two years and let me tell you, I dreaded every single day. This family was very toxic, negative and didn’t match my personality at all. I will honestly like for you to think about this right here and right now. Does your nanny match with you and your family? Does the family you nanny for match with you? Overall, do you get along with your family and nanny or is everyday a struggle? Now I am not saying they need to be fully match but in order to have a successful work environment, happy children and a positive household you NEED to except your family/nanny. I myself over thought that from the start. I knew that this family was little off, I knew that the cameras in the house were going to bother me, I knew that the amount of cleaning I needed to do before I watched the children was an insane amount BUT that payment on every other Friday night was worth it all (at least in the moment it was). I was uncomfortable from the start, I took care of the little girl as if she was my own but at the end of the day I cried driving home, I had dreams about this little girl never living life’s fullest potential. I was in this toxic bubble and I didn’t know how to get myself out. Honestly, for TWO years I tried and tried to see a way out but I couldn’t. I was venting about this position to all my friends and family. Everyone told me to quit and never look back but I couldn’t. I was in so deep that the paycheck didn’t matter anymore, it was the little girl. She was everything to me. I was there when she said her first words, I was there when she called me mama in front of her mother and crawled to me instead of her, I was there when she literally took her first steps and then again when I gave her her first foods. It wasn’t leaving that the problem, it was leaving her behind.
Leaving a family is always difficult and let me tell you personally that it isn’t easy for the family nor the nanny. The family and children had a connection with that nanny/babysitter and now they are gone, and the nanny/babysitter watched your child grow into the little minion they are today and nothing about that is easy.
I am forever grateful for the families that still send me birthday texts and pictures of the children meanwhile I am not 100 % their nanny anymore. It means the world to me to know that we are still connected and have that bond that will never fade.
I will forever remember my family but with that said, I know it’s best for me to move on and spread my wings. Another family needs me more, one that I can connect with from the start and I am determined to find you!

Until then, I shall write! I shall write more and more and fill in that time giving my best advice and tips I have in mind to the families out there that need it the most!

As for my other adventures, I am starting a new career path, and I hope to grow it more so this year! Until then, stay tuned! It will be endless!
And last but not least, my fitness routines! I am back and ready to push forward harder than ever before! I am going to get in the BEST shape as can be. I will be healthy. I will love my new lifestyle and I will succeed. I will not eat the kids leftover Mac and Cheese anymore! Trust me! Those days are over!

So let’s start this adventure together! Let’s get in routine, let’s start the day and week on a more positive note and start planning those kids spring break and summer plans! I am here with you! Let’s go!

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