With announcing the winner of this months giveaway I thought it would be wise to pass along some tips about giving this holiday season! For the past four years I have been taking pride in giving back. I have been making homemade cookies for the local fire station and making personalized cards for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Now they both take time in making so honestly props to you if you decide or do currently do this.

However is time isn’t on your side you may resort to other giving back ideas.
Some are listed below but not limited to.

1) Donating old/new toys to children in need. This is a GREAT way to make room this season for the new toys Santa is bringing and teach children the important gift of giving. This way you are cleaning out the toys your children don’t use and make room for the new ones coming in. Make a day out of this! Get a bin and explain to your children, some families cannot afford toys or have any toys and we should donate the ones we don’t play with. At the end, explain to your children that “Santa or your elf on the shelf” was probably watching and will definitely give a good report to Santa because they gave back to the community.

3) Make cards! Have your children engage in making cards for other children or people serving our country. Include this in your art time! Even 1 card makes a difference!

Make Cards For Hospitalized Children

Operation We Are Here

*Mailing cards may have a specific deadline. Please refer to the choosen site before making*

2) Make a donation. The internet makes it easier than ever to donate to the charity of your choice, just go to the organization’s website! Also, Facebook now has a tool that allows you to ask your Facebook friends for donations, which may encourage them to donate to your specified cause. Check it on out! Here is just one I personally donate to!

Make A Wish

3)Volunteer! If you would rather not spend money to give back, you can always volunteer at different organizations and non-profits! Some local groups may also be focused on Christmas. Find your organization online or find a local food bank that may need an extra pair of hands during Christmas week!

Volunteer In Orange County

4) Pay it forward! The easiest and best way to give back is to just spread kindness to those around you. Pay it forward and start a cycle of kind actions and giving. Being kind to one another takes little to no effort to do, but can make a huge impact on someone’s day. Challenge yourself with this chart of kindness and see how many you can do!


Kindness Calendar 2018

With that said, I wanted to spread some holiday cheer and give away alittle something to my followers! With more giveaways to come stand by and keep reading for more!

As for the month of December, the winner of the $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card goes to….

Ashley Campbell


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