I am back! I apologize for the delay in responses BUT

I have a good excuse!


The planning is officially over and that means back to business! Or shall I say, back to blogging!

I may have skipped Thanksgiving posts BUT Christmas is just a few weeks away and you best believe I am ready to give you all my tips and tricks for surviving the holidays with your little ones and family members! (Because we all know how that is!)


We always say we look forward to the holidays but with the shopping, cooking, hosting and stressing its a lot to take in! So take a breath because it will be alot on your plate BUT we will get through this together!

Just remember Starbucks holiday drinks are out and they help me stay sane! (Well, only the White Chocolate Mocha to be exact!) So remember to put your feet up sometimes and breathe! Its suppose to be happy times!


First and for most, since it’s not QUITE December yet (but most stores put up Christmas decor weeks ago) start off with decorations! It’s never too early to start putting up your tree and getting into the holiday spirit! If you have an artificial tree go for it! Heck I myself am doing it this weekend with the family!

If you are waiting on purchasing your real tree then set up everything but! Make way to your garage, closet or attic and hang up those stockings and bring out that special China. It will save you time later to focus and decorate your tree!

But wait there’s more ! Don’t forget the outside of your home! A cute simple doormat with Frosty goes a long way and for your kids makes them feel all giddy that Santa is just weeks away! So even a touch will be enough! Your porch doesn’t need to look like Whoville BUT if that’s who you are I am all for it!

And most importantly (if your family does this tradition) find your elf on the shelf! All the elves will make way into homes December 1st and your kiddos won’t want to miss it! Make things exciting and brainstorm new ideas where and how you put your elf! Share your ideas with me and who knows you might be featured on my next post!

Here are some ideas for your first couple days/nights with your elf!





This weekend I will work on the top things children are asking for from Santa this year (by age) PLUS all the activities in Orange County for Christmas time that you and your family won’t want to miss!

Follow the steps below to win!

FIRST GIVEAWAY : $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card!


Here’s how you enter!

1) LIKE my most recent photo on Instagram (Nicolepatt)

2) Follow/Subscribe to my blog (Don’t worry it won’t cost you!)

3) Tag 2 friends in my most recent Instagram post to do the same! (Your friend must be following in order to win!)

Winner will be announced Tuesday December 4th at 10am at random!


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