“Practically perfect in every way.” – Mary Poppins

“Practically perfect in every way.” – Mary Poppins

Truth is, that is my nickname, Mary Poppins they call me. The nanny of Orange County. I go by all names, the fact is they pay me and they can call me whatever they like (Laundry Fairy, Aunt Nicole, Cinderella but Mary Poppins seems to fit me the most. The reasoning is my huge Kate Spade bag. I tend bring it on all my jobs and since then the name has just stuck.

Proudly I can say that I have helped over nineteen families in the past four years. I wish sometimes that I was over exaggerating but nope, I definitely counted and kept track over the years. Part time, full time, date nights, weekends, overnights, summertime, school break, you name it I’ve done it. All within my bubble of Orange County I know it all and I believe it’s time to share not only my secrets when it comes to taking care of children but what I have personally experienced and how I can relate to just about any guardian out there.

And yes I can relate! I range from early mornings before the sun gets up and late nights way beyond sunset. I basically have no life beyond those children and yet sometimes I prefer it that way. I might have missed out on some career path but I completely think that I was meant to do this (at least for the time being). It may seem sad yet I am totally okay with it because those children are basically brothers and sisters. They mean the ABSOLUTE world to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This isn’t a so called little black book on all the families I have helped (or is it?) No its an outlook on what nannying is like and from the perspective most don’t think about. I mean really think about it, the parents, guardians, relatives go about their day and leave me with their most precious person on the planet and yet some don’t even look back. But what happens when they leave? What happens when they return?

Going into detail about tips, tricks, and hacks, lets get started! Grab your umbrella because here we go!




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